This Is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen


The minimalistic black cover of This Is Not My Hat caught my attention. Often, children’s books are brightly illustrated. Hence, I was intrigued by its unconventional choice of colour.

This is a story of a cheeky little fish who stole a hat from a big fish. The little fish thinks that the big fish will never find out who did it and even if the big fish knew, it will never know where the little fish was hiding.

What’s really interesting about this story is that young readers are encouraged to look at the illustrations to know that big fish ACTUALLY knows what little fish has done! Simple lines are used in this story, however, the illustrations provide opportunities for children and adults to discuss what might be going on in the story.

I love the fact that the story ends without clearly illustrating or stating what happens to little fish. It gives everyone room for imagination. Each child is left to create their own ending as to what happened to little fish. I do like such books as it encourages children to speak up, to discuss and promotes creativity and imagination.


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