Baby Touch: Rainbow (Published by Ladybird)

Every baby needs a novelty touch and feel book. Such interactive books are specially used to help children gain knowledge by stimulating their senses. Not only do they see and hear the words on the pages, they are encouraged to feel the textures with their hands. In the case of my 1 year old, he has to first touch the textures and then give them a good, wet lick. 

I’m a big fan of Ladybird’s touch and feel series. They are sturdy board books that can withstand the usual wear and tear an excited toddler would inflict on them. The books are often brightly illustrated which capture children’s attention easily. 

This particular Rainbow book is fabulous as the layered pages make it easy for babies to flip it. Unlike the usual novelty books that merely list the names of items on each page, this actually has a simple rhyme to it. There are different animals, sea creatures, vehicles and objects to explore in this touch and feel book.


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