How to read to kids who can’t sit still

Ever since Theo discovered crawling, he’s EVERYWHERE. He is always on the move unless he’s asleep . And because he’s so active, many friends ask how I manage to read to him daily and keep him interested in books. I thought I’ll pen my tips down and hopefully give parents who would love to read to their active child some hope.

1. Interactive books – Read books that require you to do actions such as wiggle your hips, shake, clap your hands, stomp your feet, roar like a lion! Make reading come to live by performing what’s in the book. Don’t just read word for word. Singalong books are great for kids who can’t sit still too.

2. Keep it simple – Too many words on a page and your toddler runs away. Don’t give up at this point. Shorten the stories. Or, don’t read the entire story. It could very well be a “point and see” activity such as “Look! Bear’s got a pink ball!” Say it with much excitement and your child will be interested too.

3. Know your child’s interest – Jungle animals, dinosaurs, fire engines, and so on are common themes that entertain young children. Bring them to your local library and let them pick the books they enjoy. Know what interests them and read those books aloud. 

4. Read when they are at their calmest – After a nap, before a meal, after a bath, before bedtime. Even if it’s only for 5 minutes. 

5. Just carry on reading – your child may be all over the room but he/she can still hear your voice. Continue reading aloud. 


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