Wieso? Weshalb? Warum? Ampel, Straße und Verkehr by Peter Nieländer


For Theo’s second birthday, I was looking online for books that I could use to teach him about road safety. He loves being out of the buggy, but at almost 2, he thinks he knows better than his parents about everything. I asked on a German expat forum on which books parents would recommend and the Wieso? Weshalb? Warum? series won hands down.

We aren’t a German-speaking household. However I wanted to get Theo German books since he attends a full day German child care. Also, I wanted German books that depict what everyday life in Germany may look like so that Theo can easily relate to them. These books have German signs, trains, cars, buildings and so on. 


This book is exactly what I was looking for and definitely suitable for 2 year olds. The flaps were interesting and informative. The book also have examples of unacceptable behaviour which were corrected by the flaps which show what should be done instead. 

My son isn’t exactly the most obedient person when crossing the road but 95% of the time he has been compliant. Theoretically, he is able to point out the unacceptable behaviours in the book so that’s a good start for us. 


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