Owl Babies by Martin Waddell

I bought this book at the Frankfurt Bookfair last year as it came along with a DVD. I was looking for animated stories for Theo to watch and thought this looked interesting. 

It is a story about 3 owl babies who woke up at night only to find their mum missing. They pondered hard over her disappearance with the youngest crying “I want my mummy”. At last, mummy owl returns to the nest safe and sound and they owls rejoice.

Despite being 28 months old, Theo occasionally wakes up at night to look for me. He gets frequent nightmares that send him hysterical. However it has gotten better over the months as he allows his dad to soothe him back to sleep now. When I read Owl Babies to Theo, we pretend that he’s the youngest owl who’s afraid. At the end of the story, I assure him that all is well and that I’ll be there for him in the morning and that I’ve not abandoned him.

Similarly, I also used this story for when he started his new kindergarten. Once the novelty died away and he started having separation anxiety, this story came in handy once again to set an example that mummy will return shortly to pick him up. 

I just love stories like this that we can relate our daily experience with. 


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