My New Baby

Ever since we knew we are having a new addition to our family, we’ve been talking to Theo about Baby Mia. He pretends that he’s also pregnant with his own Baby Mia and has recently introduced his soft toys to breastfeeding. However, I’ve not bought any books about having a new sibling till the Frankfurt Bookfair that took place this week.

I didn’t want anything too complicated or had a story to it. Therefore when I saw this book, I thought it suited my needs. 

The illustrations are bright and the text is simple. It helps open up different topics for discussion with Theo. For example, explaining to him why Baby Mia can only have milk and not the sandwiches or banana on the table. 

I love that it has pictures of mum breastfeeding baby and the toddler actually LOOKS happy. Some of the books with similar topics showcase toddlers getting jealous and upset and while I know it does happen, I quite like the idea that it’s being portrayed more positively rather than say “Hey, you’ll be miserable when you see your little sister suck on my boobs but I still love you!” 

As the book doesn’t refer to the baby as he or she, we pretend it’s Baby Mia. Would be great for those who don’t know their baby’s gender! Even the image of the toddler is quite gender neutral, I reckon. Theo’s been referring to the toddler as himself and the baby as his Baby Mia. 


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