Churchill’s Tale of Tails by Anca Sandu

The book’s pastel illustration caught my attention when I first saw it. Often, children’s books have bright, vibrant and bold colours to capture their attention. So I thought this was different. I didn’t quite know if it would be well-received at home. But it was on sale at the Frankfurt Book Fair, I bought it for Theo. 

It is a tale about a Pig named Churchill who has lost his very precious tail. His friends knew how upset he was that they came up with ideas to “replace” it. However, Churchill had so much fun trying out the different new tails that he had no more time for the friends who helped him out. He stopped playing with them and talking to them. It wasn’t until he found a new friend who had his tail (and returned it to him) that he started to miss his old friends. 

This is a book to explore themes such as kindness, friendship, and  generosity but in a fun and comical way. 

My boy has his own tail now too. 


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