Welcome to Storytime Together!

Who I am?

I am Yolande and I am passionate about spreading the love for reading to young children. I live in Frankfurt with my husband and two lovely children. My son turns 3 in May 2017 and he loves being read to. Our latest addition to the family arrived in December 2016 and we are sharing the joy of reading to her.

What is this blog about?

At Storytime Together, you will find reviews of children books we have read in our family. While I do believe that every child should have The Very Hungry Caterpillar on their bookshelf, I also actively hunt for less well-known books which are equally (if not more) fabulous for the little ones. In a way, this blog documents all of the brilliant books that I’ve read to my children.

Why Storytime Together?

Storytime together with children (however little they are) is such a precious time. Reading aloud to children not only helps build vocabulary skills, but also whets their appetite  for reading. I would like to use this platform to document all the wonderful books my kids have enjoyed in their childhood and hopefully meet like-minded parents who are passionate about reading to their children too.

By sharing Storytime Together, I hope that more parents will actively read aloud to their children.




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