Illustrated Stories from Aesop


I spent a lot of my childhood reading Aesop’s fables. The short stories are great for young readers learning to read independently. I vividly remember reciting the moral of each story just to sound intelligent. (#bookworm)

This beautifully illustrated padded hardback is published by Usborne. It is a collection of more than 30 fables categorised thematically with chapters such as “Pride”, “Cunning”, “Friendship” and so on. 

The recommended target age group is 3+ but I bought this for my 15 months old son. Papa reads two to three fables to him at bedtime which he thoroughly enjoys. It’s a fabulous read aloud book. 

I’m definitely going to try reading this at my next Storytime Together. 

P.S. If you live in/ near Frankfurt and would like to purchase this book, please do contact me. 


Bear on a Bike by Stella Blackstone


One of Barefoot Books bestsellers which captures the hearts of young readers and parents alike. This vibrantly illustrated rhyming book features a boy running after Bear which travels on different modes of transportation – bike, raft, steam train, boat, carriage and so on.

Each page is fill with colourful pictures that allows both children and adults to develop the  story further or have a conversation. After reading each page at storytime, I love pointing to the top right hand corner of the opposite page to ask the children where they think Bear is heading to next. 

It is also a great bedtime story where Bear embarks on a journey in a rocket. Kids will love waving goodbye and goodnight to Bear.