Shopping with Dad by Matt Harvey


Last Saturday, I was honoured to be invited back by  boutique owner, Amy of The London Assembly, for another session of Storytime. One of the books I read was “Shopping with Dad”.

It is obvious from the cover page that this shopping trip will be an adventure for the father-daughter pair. I love the rhythmic and whimsical text that add so much excitement to the story. 

This is a book that dads can definitely relate to. Aren’t we all too familiar with our kids creating havoc when we’re out and about? What the author has done is to throw in humour to the story so that everyone has a good laugh. 

The story also teaches a lesson or two. Firstly, a young girl admitting openly that it was her fault that an accident happened. I think that teaches children to be brave to own up to their mistakes, and being honest. Secondly, it also shows how daddies take charge in those situations and bring everything back to normal. It’s just sweet to know that daddy is always there to keep things under control. 


A Cat Called Scratch by Jonathan Long


Scratch has a terribly annoying flea in his fur. He’s determined to get rid of it by getting himself shampooed, washed and hoovered. However, nothing works!

The illustrations are bursting into life in this comic-like book. Older kids will find it hilarious  and engaging. I can imagine how fun it must be to play the roles of Scratch and the flea at storytime. The kids will love it! 

Me and My Mum by Alison Ritchie


Beautifully illustrated by Alison Edgson, the pictures in this book have a watercolour effect. 

I received this book as a baby shower gift and loved it immediately. It depicts the close loving relationship between mummy bear and her little cub. 

Your heart will warm up to this story as the little just wants to be like his/her mummy one day. I read this at Storytime before Mother’s Day and the room of mums just went “awwww…” at the end. 

I Like It When… by Mary Murphy


I found this book by chance when the library in Oxford was selling “damaged” books at 3 for £1. 

It’s a lovely bedtime story which has one line on each page beginning with “I like it when…”. I love how it is gender neutral (could be for a girl or boy) and its simple, no-fuss illustrations. Each page shows the Penguins enjoying themselves – holding hands, trying new food, playing, reading, splashing about and so on. These activities are what young children can relate to and are familiar with. 

It’s simple text makes this a great introductory book to young readers.